Loving Earth Compost began when Whitney Davis, owner, became involved with a local not-for-profit with a goal to educate people on how to home compost. Quickly she noticed there were many people interested in composting but were unable due to a variety of barriers. She realized if composting was more accessible, more people would do it. Loving Earth Compost was created.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, convenient curbside pick-up composting services to Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas. We believe whole heartedly that protecting our environment is a community-endeavor, and we need to work together to help combat the climate crisis. 

The Composting Process

Your food scraps are collected, weighted and processed to remove any non-compostable material. Together with Adirondack Worm Farm, scraps are mixed with the proper amount of carbon to nitrogen ratio and processed into a variety of composting piles, including aerated static compost piles and windrows. The pile is turned and monitored daily to ensure that it has reached the perfect environment for microbes to flourish and food waste to break down. The pile reaches an optimal temperature of 140-160 degrees to kill any diseased pathogens and allow for healthy bacteria and microbes to grow. Once the pile has reached its prime at around 4 weeks, it is then moved to another static pile to cure for another 3-4 months. The compost is then sifted and ready to use!


Composting is one of the easiest and greenest ways we can protect and restore the resources our planet has to offer. Learn more about service plans and become part of the solution.


A note from owner, Whitney Davis


My journey has been lifelong. It really came to fruition when I became a mother. I became aware of all the products we “needed” and all the wastefulness that came with them. I would look into my daughter’s eyes and I wanted her and her kids to be able to play and experience this beautiful planet. I knew change needed to happen, so I made the decision for action.

I started composting and fell in love with the process. I limited myself to buying mostly second-hand clothing and home goods from thrift stores and garage sales. I repurposed and reused anything and everything before buying new. I changed my eating habits to more ethically sourced, less processed with limited or recyclable packaging. I even cut up my kids clothes to use as napkins instead of using paper towels. I evolved into someone that loved our planet and knew I was here to be an advocate and protector. I became involved in the conversations and calls to action.

My duties evolved when I moved to Saratoga Springs and became involved with people that loved caring for the protection of our environment as much I as did. It has been amazing to see the how a community is able to rally behind a cause and advocate for our home.

I have now vowed to teach my children by example how to be good stewards to this planet. My journey is a process, and Loving Earth is an integral part of this process.